Configure Client Quirks

These settings define the additions to the automatic client type detection.


<clients> ... </clients>
  • Optional

This section defines the client behaviour additions.


  • Optional

  • Default: no

This attribute defines if client overriding is enabled as a whole, possible values are ”yes” or ”no”.

  • Optional

  • Default: 6

This attribute sets the amount of hours a client entry is kept in the cache.

  • Optional

  • Default: 10

This attribute sets the amount of seconds a playposition (Samsung bookmark) is reduced on resume to continue a bit before the last scene. The value can be given in a valid time format.

Child tags:


<client> ... </client>
  • Optional

This section defines the client behaviour for one client.


  • Optional

  • Default: empty

This allows to select clients by IP address. Allowed values are ip addresses (v4 or v6) which can be followed by /pref where pref is any allowed prefix length for the protocol.

  • Optional

  • Default: empty

This allows to filter clients by userAgent signature. It contains a part of the UserAgent http-signature of your client. Run a network sniffer like wireshark or some UPnP utility to discover the signature. If ip is set userAgent is ignored.

  • Optional

  • Default: “default”

This assigns the client to a group which is key to store details on played items (playbackCount, lastPlaybackTime, lastPlaybackPosition, bookmarkPosition). If you set another group here all actions are recorded for this group.

  • Optional

  • Default: 0

Containing the flags you want to set. Must be given in the following format SAMSUNG|0x100, where the text either contains one of the known flags or an integer number if the flags has no name. For valid flags see Supported Devices.

  • Optional

  • Default: set by option server/upnp/caption-info-count

Number of sec::CaptionInfoEx entries to write to UPnP result.

  • Optional

  • Default: -1

Override the default upnp-string-limit of server.

  • Optional

  • Default: the same as the current value of server/upnp/multi-value (defaults to yes)

Override the default server/upnp/multi-value of server.

Child Entries:

<map from="application/x-srt" to="text/srt"/>
  • Optional

Map mimetype for client. Some clients require slightly different mimetype, e.g. for subtitles.