Database Schema

The database contains 8 tables. 3 tables mt_cds_object (for media items or directories), mt_metadata (like artist or track number) and grb_cds_resource (like bitrate or image size) store details of the media (audio, video and images) and associated items (like subtitles or album art images). Table mt_autoscan contains data on autoscan directories. Table grb_playstatus contains statistics on played media items. Table grb_client stores details on connected clients. Tables mt_internal_setting and grb_config_value store settings (like database version) and configuration values changed via UI.


Modify Schema

  • src/database/sql_database.h: Update DBVERSION

  • src/database/sqlite3/sqlite3.sql and src/database/mysql/mysql.sql: Modify CREATE TABLE statements

  • src/database/sqlite3/sqlite3-upgrade.xml and src/database/mysql/mysql-upgrade.xml: Add schema update commands

  • src/database/sqlite3/ and src/database/mysql/
    • Add correct hashy to hashies list (run ctest to get error on wrong hash)

    • Update hashies[0] for the create scripts (run ctest to get error on wrong hash)