Implement Configuration Options

  • src/config/config.h: Add enum member to config_option_t before CFG_MAX, values after CFG_MAX are for attributes and auxiliary options

  • src/config/ Define logic for loading in vector complexOptions. There are several ConfigSetup sub types that support automatic parsing, e.g. Numbers, Strings, Booleams, Paths, Arrays and Dictionaries

  • src/config/ Add support for sub attributes in web ui in map parentOptions

  • src/config/ Avoid automatic loading by adding to map dependencyMap

  • src/config/ Add special treatment and verifications if necessary

  • src/config/ Add here if you want it to be part of the generated default config or example config file. In this case do not forget to updated the fixtures under test/config/fixtures

  • web/gerbera-config-*.json: Add entries for display and editing in web ui

  • doc/config*.rst: Supply some useful documentation

  • config/config.xsd and config/config2.xsd: Adjust xsd for config file validation